Trending kitchen designs for 2022

Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home and with good reason. Kitchens are the most used space in any home, its where we eat, where we gather, where we connect. Day in and day out, the kitchen area is visited by multiple members of a household and used extensively. If the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach it makes sense that the kitchen is considered the home’s heart because that is where the food is!

Although the basic function of kitchens hasn’t changed that much, the way we use design and utilize this space has. With people spending more time at home, it automatically means spending more time in the kitchen which influenced the design trends we are now seeing now.

Let’s look at what some of the latest kitchen design trends are…

Ambient lighting

Whether it be natural, or artificial, lighting has the power to transform spaces and change the entire ambience of a room (pardon the pun)! Design trends are seeing people moving away from purely functional lighting to fixtures that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Because kitchens are so integrated with the rest of the home, ambient lighting is very important. Warmer lighting is also gaining favour over pure white light.

Aside from artificial light, open sources of natural lighting are also becoming increasingly popular with skylights, large windows and doors trending now.

Can you handle it?

Long gone are the days where the sole function of kitchen cabinets was simply for storage. Nowadays they are statement pieces and with so many options, every detail matters! Starting with deciding what material to use, what profile, shape, or size, then comes the colour selection before finally ending it off with the perfect hardware, or so we thought?

In a world where everything is going wireless it seems that cabinets are going handle-less. The seamless look and feel created by handle-less cabinets is very popular at the moment. “Tap to open” cupboards and drawers are becoming the new norm for modern kitchens.

Making a splash with backsplash

A backsplash is most used in kitchen areas susceptible to deterioration – like behind the stove and washing areas.

Using stone or marble as a backsplash not only looks beautiful, it’s also very durable and eliminates the hassle of dealing with dirty grout lines.

Aside from being a great long-term solution for protection, backsplashes can also be extremely fun to play around with. Don’t be shy to go with a bold choice of materials or colour when selecting your backsplash. If you don’t like over the top designs and colours, you can turn ordinary tiles into a feature wall by laying the tiles in a herringbone, chevron, or stacked pattern.

No man is an island

John Donne, the English poet was right in saying that no man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others and what better place to do that than around a table? As a child I remember family and friends gathering in the kitchen because back then most kitchens had an informal dining table.

Kitchen islands can be interpreted as a modern version of that dining table in the kitchen. They don’t only add counter space and functionality, but they can also be used as the perfect entertainment hub. Although islands won’t make sense in every shape and size kitchen, when planned properly it will add a lot of joy to your kitchen.

Using different materials and colours on the island will add character to your kitchen. Include a power outlet or two for additional functionality. An island is also the perfect space to hide away the dishwasher and creates the ultimate cleaning zone if your sink is inside the island.

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