What form of security and access controls are provided?
Security at Likweti Estate is a top priority and as such is taken very seriously by management and residents alike. The management of this includes:

  • Strict access control – 24-hour gate monitoring with surveillance CCTV cameras.
  • The main perimeter fence of 20 km is checked daily for any fence breaches.
  • Regular fence patrol with sensors connected to control room response (Likweti Hills and Plains only).
  • a Dedicated armed response vehicle (night shifts only) on the premises.
  • 24-hour proactive cameras placed on strategic places on the fence.

What security arrangements are made while building is in progress?
Contractors will have access via a separate entrance gate and all contractors will have to adhere to stringent security rules. Contractors Guidelines Form

Who should I contact regarding security at Likweti Estate?
New residents can contact Estate Manager, Andre Coleske for assistance with their own home security needs during the planning and construction phase of their home or once the building has been completed. E-mail Andre.