Seeing stars at Likweti

When the winter sun sets without a cloud in the sky, the first thing I reach for is my telescope. There is nothing more mind blowing than knowing the twinkling light that has just hit the back of your retina has had to travel light years through space, so what you are in fact doing is looking back in time at distant galaxies and worlds totally alien to our own.

Some see stars as beacons of hope, justification that we perhaps are not alone, or even as the souls of our ancestors. To others, they are simply balls of gas burning millions of light years away. Most however agree, they are magnificent to behold, especially when you are sitting on your own stoep, away from the light pollution of the city and all its chaos.

Likweti provides the perfect setting for novice and experienced stargazers to get lost in the enormity of space and the unfathomable amount of stars that bejewel it’s darkness with shards of twinkling light. So first train your eyes, then invest in a good pair of binoculars or, if you really get the bug, a telescope.

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