Seasoned travelers settle down in the Lowveld

Seasoned travelers settle down in the Lowveld

Seasoned travelers, Barry and Janet Ronald moved from Johannesburg to Hong Kong in 2000. Barry’s position at Cathay Pacific took the couple halfway across the globe and whilst living there Janet taught English. Although a country girl at heart, she loved the bustling city of Hong Kong! Janet grew up on a farm and for as long as she can remember, her parents enjoyed holidays in the Kruger National Park. Growing up she always loved the Lowveld formerly known as the “Eastern Transvaal”.

When a family responsibility prompted Janet to return home, she commuted between South Africa and Hong Kong for several years. The couple eventually decided to build a house in Johannesburg.

It was in the same period that the couple’s daughter, Hayley who stayed in the UK also moved back to South Africa and together the mom and daughter duo embarked on the house building journey!

Not long after the house was completed, Hayley accepted a position as a social worker in the Lowveld. It was during a holiday stay at Ngwenya Lodge in Mpumalanga that they first talked about moving to the Lowveld, albeit jokingly. The jokes quickly turned into seriously consideration it and before they knew it the Johannesburg property was on the market.

Janet turned to Google to investigate residential-and-wildlife estates in the area. A local estate agent took them to view Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate, and Janet reminisced about her fond memories of the Kruger National Park. They ended up buying a stand at Likweti Hills, the first phase of development at this popular wildlife residential estate.

The Ronalds appointed the highly commended local architect, Reiner Förtsch from Förtsch+Associates Architects to design their dream home and entrusted Mackay Project Management (who is the preferred builder at the estate) with the building thereof. Janet commuted between Gauteng and the Lowveld for the duration of the build but most of the decisions and consultations were made via phone calls. The result is a bespoke family home that is now enjoyed by Janet, her daughter, her 12-year-old grandson Michael, and Barry when he is able to visit.

A studio was later added for Janet who took up painting since moving to Likweti Estate in 2018. She spends most of her time with a brush in hand and a view of nothing but Lowveld bushveld!

Janet, Hayley and Michael are loving life at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate and apart from the fact that it is quiet and well kept, it offers young and old alike the opportunity to enjoy a quality lifestyle in the heart of the Lowveld.

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