A nut-ural approach to innovative estate management

Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate incorporates a 17-hectare income generating Macadamia orchard on the 765-hectare property for the benefit of all homeowners. This innovative new concept in estate management is what sets Likweti apart from other estates.

The first Beaumont Macadamia trees were planted in September 2014 and today the Macadamia orchard consists of more than 3500 healthy trees. We just completed this year’s harvest which should be our best harvest to date according to current indications.

Our team busy harvesting the macadamia nuts

Several measures were implemented since the last harvest to maximise the macadamia yield this year. 12 beehives were added to the orchard just before the flowering season to ensure effective pollination of the flowers which has a direct effect on the yield. The trees were also pruned in a way which allows for more sunlight to penetrate which creates more flowers. This in turn will result in an increase in the number of nuts per tree.

Beaumont Macadamias

Now that the harvesting is finished the trees will be pruned and fertilized for their winter “rest” period.

“Big cuts straight after harvest followed by skirting and trimming a few months later make for good nut-in-shell yields in years to come, says macadamia orchard expert, Sarah-Jane Stewart.”

Flowering usually begins in September and lasts for about a month after which the nuts start to form. The nuts take about 120 days to reach full size / maturity and will be ready to harvest from April to May.

Likweti’s Macadamia orchard is managed by the estate’s General Manager with the assistance of an independent Macadamia consultant.

Management keeping a close eye on the harvesting

The focus on sustainability makes buying property at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate an investment that will yield favourable returns and create a lasting legacy for future generations. Wise investment is just as important as environmental responsibility in the philosophy of a sustainable lifestyle. That is why we invite you to experience and evaluate Likweti first-hand as part of your decision-making process.

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