Likweti finds renewable alternative to high levies

Robbie Dominietto

Living in an environmental sensitive estate has many advantages. Apart from having the spoil of living in a natural environment with animals all around, it is also comforting to have state of the art security and reliable services. But this usually comes at a hefty price as is often reflected in the monthly levies of these estates.

At Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate these expenses will be minimized by setting a portion of the property aside for planting macadamia trees which will benefit each and every owner.

The climate of Likweti is ideal for the production of macadamia nuts while water supply is ensured through access to the Curlews water channel and ample storage capacity in the established farm dam.

The first step was to start with the drilling of test holes to determine the quality and depth of the topsoil and soil type. After this process some 20 hectares were identified for commercial macadamia farming. Irrigation was designed and installed and tree varieties had been selected.

At the moment good quality trees from reputable nurseries are very scarce and a waiting period of up to two years is not unheard of. Careful planning meant that Likweti was able to secure some 5 000 trees, of Beaumont 695 variety and planting will commence shortly.

Although the trees can start bearing fruit from about 4 years it is estimated that the investment will break even around year 6. Production should be in full swing by year ten. Home owners at the Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate are automatically shareholders in this investment and profits will be handed over each year after the harvest, making life at Likweti rewarding in yet another way.

Jeanne van Zyl and Robbie Dominietto plant the first macadamia trees that will benefit each and every owner at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate.
Newly planted Beaumont 695 macadamia tree.

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