Likweti bucket list for kids

Likweti Bushveld Estate is the best natural playground any child could have, with endless space and a host of natural attractions that will keep little ones occupied for hours. If you live at Likwet, we’ve got some great ideas that will inspire your brood to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

1. Climb a tree
At Likweti we are lucky to have a number of wonderful indigenous (South African) trees that are perfect to climb. Climbing trees is an excellent gross motor activity for physical development. Just make sure you have an adult with you, as sometimes it’s easier getting up than down!

2. Build a den
At Likweti you will find a host of places for the perfect ‘hide-out’. All you need to do is go on a stick-hunt and then you will be ready to build your own den. For a beginner’s guide on den building, click here.

3. Learn to skim
It’ll take a few attempts, but once you have mastered the knack of skimming a stone you will wonder why you ever found it tricky! Then challenge your friends or neighbours to see who can make their stone ‘hop, skip and jump’ the furthest.

4. Fly a kite
We might not be able to fly like the raptors who call Likweti home, but we can be inspired by them. Build your own crafty kite and then let it soar into the sky, check out these great kite making tips.

5. Get on your bike
Exploring Likweti on your bike is one of the best ways to discover the many hidden gems found on the estate and it also lets you get closer to nature. Grab your parents and have a “bike-tastic” adventure.

6. Leave a trail
Use sticks to play an awesome game of hide and seek, where friends and family have to use natural clues to track you through Likweti. This is definitely a game to play in pairs, so grab a few friends and lay your first trail. For younger kids, it might be a good idea to try this on the property of your home first.

7. Dancing in the rain
We love the rain in the Lowveld, especially when it leaves huge puddles to play in. So grab your gum boots, put on a waterproof coat and head outside for a splashing good time.

8. Magnificent mud pies
Grab a spade, find some bare earth and just add water – making a mud pie is as simple as that. However, to make it magnificent you need to collect a variety of ‘natural gems’ – stones, feathers, leaves, flowers and berries – to decorate your muddy artwork.

9. On your marks, get set, GO!
Hunt around Likweti to find your own Turbo, then challenge your friends to a snail race. You can make the track from sticks, just make sure you keep it short or you could be here all day!

10. Get arty
Likweti is packed full of all the right objects to make your own wild art masterpiece. All you will need is a canvas, glue and paint, as well as a collection of natural objects like feathers, grass, flowers, sand, leaves and small stones. Then, let your imagination run free, as you get creative.

11. Get rubbing
A tree’s bark is like its own individual finger print and with over 100 native trees on the estate, collecting bark rubbings and leaves from each one is no small feat – but will you be able to get them all? Going on a tree hunt is a great way of exploring the Estate and learning about the magnificent trees that shape the Likweti landscape.

12. Toot-toot
Can you make a grass trumpet sing? Simply pick a single blade of grass, place it between your thumbs and blow. Sounds easy, but this is anything but simple. You will need to practice, but when you get it right you will be able to create natural melodies of your own.

13. Look to the night sky
Away from the light pollution in the city, Likweti is the perfect place to take in the wonder of our stars. Be amazed by the magic of our universe and enjoy its natural beauty. Remember there are loads of free apps that will help you get to know the stars you are looking at, ask mom for some help.

14. Climb a koppie
With plenty to choose from, take the Likweti fitness challenge and climb one of our koppies. It might be a challenge when you are taking those first few steps, but once you get to the top it will make all your efforts worthwhile.

15. We are going on a bug-hunt
With a variety of minibeasts sharing our home, why not go on a bug hunt and see what you can collect. Make sure you take a bug book and a magnifying glass so you can identify the creepy crawlies you find.

Remember – leave spiders, scorpions and snakes alone!

16. Frog spawn
Ever wondered what that strange night time chorus of clicks and chirps was? It’s the Likweti frog chorus. At certain times of the year you will find their eggs in our dam, collect a few with some weed and keep them at home in a large jar of water. Then watch as they hatch and their tadpole transformation begins, before releasing them when they become frogs.

17. Leaf catching
Test your reaction speed by seeing how many falling leaves you can catch. Sounds easy? Leaves don’t fall in a straight line, they zigzag, loop and float, making catching leaves the perfect sport to hone hand-to-eye coordination and improve reaction time.

18. Become a wildlife detective
Use animal clues to track down some of Likweti’s wild neighbours. Fur, feathers, footprints and poo all help us find the creatures that like staying undercover. How many can you track down?

19. Start a bird list
With more than 200 species of bird, Likweti is the perfect place for a novice birder to get to know our feathered friends. So just how many have you seen? Make sure you print out the Likweti bird list and start ticking off the ones you have seen.

20. Pack a picnic
Grab a blanket, some cutlery, a drink and some snacks and then head out to find your own perfect picnic location. It may be under a shady tree, by a dam or on top of a koppie, where ever it is let yourself enjoy the views, fresh air, sights and sounds of nature and of course your picnic too!

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