Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Nature

Mother Nature, she’s in the tapestry of low lying grasslands, rocky outcrops and natural bushveld that make up the magnificent panoramic views at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate. We like to believe she lives at Likweti and we are in awe of her beauty here every single day.

She’s a true artist. Mother Nature paints a sunset at Likweti Estate like no other. She fills the sky with strokes of pomegranate pinks and fiery reds from the last rays of the sun before whispering to twilight to gently make space for the stars.

She’s in charge. Mother Nature is the conductor of the orchestral dawn chorus we hear in the mornings from a few of the 216 bird species you’ll find here at Likweti Estate. She sets the tempo of the songs we wake up to each morning.

She’s a provider. Mother Nature takes care of all living things. She’s in the eyes of the giraffe that we look up to on our way home from work and remind us just how small we are and how great she is! She smiles through the soft petals of the Gladioli flowers that suddenly appear in the veld, transforming it into a picture perfect mix of colours only to disappear a few days later reminding us that everything has it’s time and place.

She’s got time. Mother Nature always has time for you. Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature, she will nurture your mind, body and soul. With 765 hectares of open space at Likweti Estate, you’ll have so much to explore with Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is what makes Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate a one-of-a-kind residential estate! This Mother’s Day, we’d like to remind you to be kind to Mother Nature, our future depends on her.

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