Get Likweti Fit

For residents at Likweti Estate, getting back in shape has never been simpler, thanks to the range of exercise arenas just outside your front door. With over 765 hectares to explore, Likweti boasts a range of natural habitats that can stretch, test and hone your fitness without needing to shell out any expensive membership fees.

Few people have the option of exercising in such beautiful surrounds, that boast such freedom and space and is set within a secure complex. So ditch the beige walls and flickering screens of the gym for the fresh air and stretch your body and mind in a purely natural setting.

1. Strike a pose – Be inspired by nature to hone your yoga poses, whether it is a tree position or downward-facing dog, soak up the fresh air, tranquillity and Likweti’s natural beauty as you do your morning yoga routine, We guarantee you will feel far more focused and fulfilled doing it outdoors than if you did the same routine in your bedroom or at the gym.

2. Pound the trails – With over 20km of trails to explore, Likweti is the perfect place for trail running aficionados to test their endurance and novices to become addicted to the sport. The range of terrains and spectacular views make Likweti both challenging and breathtaking. So get off that treadmill and into the Likweti bushveld.

3. Bushveld biking – If two wheels sound better than two legs, why not explore Likweti’s extensive network of trails on your bike? With endless route possibilities, you can tailor your trail to suit your fitness needs. This is also the perfect alternative to a family day in front of the television, as young and old will enjoy the benefits of getting out on their bikes and reconnecting with nature.

4. Mastering mindfulness – With the art of mindfulness becoming increasingly popular, what better way of practising being ‘present’ than celebrating the beautiful surroundings found within Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate. A place where you can detach yourself from the hustle and bustle of modern living and absorb the sounds, the colours, the smells, the textures and even the tastes of the natural.

5. Natural circuits – Who wants to work out staring at the blank walls in the gym when you can do it with 360 degree vistas. Likweti has everything you need for a nature inspired circuit training workout, so replace step-up blocks with rocks, trade in your free weights for logs or stones and stop running between walls when you have magnificent trees to use. Let nature be your tools and inspiration as you challenge your personal best.

6. Hiking haven – Likweti is a bushveld paradise for the hiking enthusiast, with a variety of trails everyone is catered for. What’s more, you can design your route to increase your fitness over time. So why spend a fortune on getting fit indoors, when you can simply step outside and reap the rewards.

There are so many fitness possibilities at Likweti, its all the reason you need to live there!

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