Fun Family things to do in the Lowveld

Looking for things to do in the Lowveld with your family? At Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate, we’re all about family. Here’s a few our suggestions:

Visit Pro Life Pet Rescue Rehabilitation & Adoption Agency and give some love to animals in need.

1. A Day in the Sun

Riverside Park not only offers some of the best shopping and dining destinations but is also home to the amazing Mafunyane Riverside Water Park. The park features more than 7 rip-roaring water attractions, super slides, sparkling pools and fun filled activities for children and adults of all ages.

Why not pack your cooler box and enjoy some Nelspruit sunshine while the kids have a day to remember?

For more information and rates visit the Mafunyane Water Park website.

2. Kruger for the day

During holiday times Kruger National Park can get quite busy and you would probably have to get up very early to get in. It will however be well worth your while and is maybe the perfect opportunity to discover some of the less known areas more to the north.

While the Big 5 will always be very popular, challenge the kids to also try and spot the Ugly 5 and Little 5.

3. Take on the Big Swing

The Big Swing is a popular Lowveld tourist attraction in the small town of Graskop near Nelspruit. If you are brave enough you could take on the 68m free-fall at 180km/h in under 3 seconds. If not, there is also a quaint little bar on the opposite side of the gorge where you can sip away on a cold one while watching the crazy ones plummeting into the abyss.

4. A little good can bring a lot of joy

Pro Life Pet Rescue Rehabilitation & Adoption Agency just outside Nelspruit has been looking after abandoned animals for more than three years now. They do an awesome job and help out wherever and whenever they can. But they rely on the public for support to keep doing what they do best.

Whether you go drop off a donation of dog or cat food or just take the time to walk a couple of dogs, your effort will be greatly appreciated. Spending time with these animals is not just good for their social skills, but can also be very therapeutic for you. All while teaching your children the important value of caring.

Click here for more information about Pro Life Pet Rescue Rehabilitation & Adoption Agency

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