At home in a healthy ecosystem

Spotted Eagle Owl

Spotting birds like the spotted Eagle owl at Likweti wildlife residential estate is not only a beautiful sighting, but it also attests that the environment in which they are spotted is healthy. These owls will only occur in areas where there is a good population of healthy animals for them to prey on. Having this beautiful bird at Likweti means that there is a good number of prey available for them and that that the estate has a good working ecosystem that is in balance and healthy.

If fortunate enough, one can spot raptors like the African Hawk Eagle and Black Sparrowhawk at Likweti. Having a healthy ecosystem at the estate means that there is ample small prey available for these birds of prey.

Reed Cormorant

With birds like the Fish Eagle and the Reed Cormorant on our bird list it confirms that not only is our ecosystem healthy, but so are our water systems and dams. Latter containing loads of healthy fish and frogs for these birds of prey.

You too can call Likweti wildlife residential estate your home. Read more about the one hectare stands on offer at Likweti Views, the third phase of this development.

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