A treasure of the chirping kind at Likweti Estate

A 765-hectare wildlife estate nestled in the heart of the Lowveld just outside of White River, Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate is a haven to animals, birds, and natural bushveld. Of all the benefits of living at Likweti Estate, there is one true gem – birding.

Living at Likweti truly reminds us to find value in the simple things.

Living at Likweti truly reminds us to find value in the simple things.

With just over 200 positively identified bird species, resident’s at Likweti cannot help but find themselves always on constant alert for a chirp here or a chat there. One might even say we have a resident twitcher or two.

Most afternoons we will spot the Martial Eagle as he cruises around in flight above. Due to their size, this is always an impressive sighting. And when we stop to listen, it is the distinctly stunning song of the Black Crowned Tchagra we hear. This is so peaceful and relaxing. Taking a stroll down to our very own Mac Bird Hide, you might be lucky enough to spot a small Red Throated Wryneck, the ant eating specialist! Part of the Woodpecker family, this amazing bird can hold hundreds of ants in each beakful.

Some other special additions that are well worth looking for at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate include the Gorgeous Bush-shrike, Mountain Wagtail, Crowned Eagle, African Finfoot, and Half-collared Kingfisher.

Living at Likweti Estate will certainly open your eyes to the wonder of birds, big and small in all their colours and splendour! It is a privilege to appreciate and enjoy the birdlife that this one-of-a-kind residential estate offers.

With only a few one-hectare stands left in our second phase of development, Likweti Plains, now is the time to buy. Brand-new 3-bedroom show house just completed and for sale for R3 995 000. For more information, contact us.

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