A real grass act!

At Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate we are serious about looking after our free roaming animals.
One way of ensuring their wellbeing is by constantly monitoring our veld conditions and making sure we have adequate forage supply for all our animal residents. The formula used to measure this is called carrying capacity. This formula simply put means the number of grazing animals which can be sustained by a specific piece of veld or land over extended periods. We use professionals to assess and monitor our grass quality and they then determine what our carrying capacity is. This figure is then used to calculate our stocking rate or how many animals can be on the Estate.
The Estate is currently busy seeding additional edible grass by using a mixture of 3 grasses namely: “Smutsfinger”, “Rhodes”, and “Witbuffel” to improve the Estate’s carrying capacity. An addition to this, we will also be rehabilitating a 3,4km stretch of grass alongside the newly built road at Likweti Views (Phase 3) launching early 2021.

The 3 different seeds are first measured out and mixed after which it is spread across the loosened and flattened soil. Our team then use a rake to gently work the seeds into the soil and the area is then watered with the appropriate amount of water.

In a few months’ time we should see the first shoots appearing and in no time our animals will be enjoying the improved forage.

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