A quality life is the best gift for your family

Anton and Melissa Du Plessis were both born and bred in the Lowveld. Anton grew up in Malelane whereas White River was home to Melissa. The couple moved from Malelane to Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate with Anabelle, their oldest daughter, in 2016 as they wanted to be closer to schools, services, and shopping centres. Both Anton, and Melissa grew up on farms and didn’t want to trade tranquility, privacy, and security for convenience.

After hearing about Likweti from family and friends, Anton and Melissa fell in love with one of the spec houses at Likweti Hills, the first phase of the development. The house’s location and stunning views made them feel at home.

The quality of life provided by all that the estate has to offer outweighed the fact that White River was a twenty-minute drive away. No other option in the area could give them the space and lifestyle found at Likweti Estate. With the opening of White River Crossing in 2019, residents at Likweti are now only 14 kilometers away from a Woolworths food, an enormous Checkers supermarket, a Dischem pharmacy, as well as various restaurants and retailers.

Maya was born shortly after the family moved to Likweti and raising two daughters on a wildlife estate is as much fun as it is wonderful. Melissa takes full advantage of Likweti Estate’s natural, but secure environment and likes to stroll through the estate with her daughters and the family’s three dogs. Hiking, running, fishing, game viewing, and having sundowners at one of the lookout points are some of the activities they enjoy at the estate. Both girls go to school in White River and the scenic journey, with very little traffic, makes school runs manageable.

Anton and Melissa are teaching their daughters to love all that nature has to offer. The Du Plessis enjoy gardening, and home cooked meals are mostly prepared with fresh produce from their own vegetable garden. The couple appreciates the stress-free living at Likweti Estate, especially the quietness at night with the only “noise” being that of night birds, fauna.

There is a saying that one should aspire to create a life that you don’t need a vacation from, and it seems like the Du Plessis family has done exactly that at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate.

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