A bird’s eye view of Likweti wildlife residential estate.

At Likweti wildlife residential estate a bird’s eye view is no longer reserved for birds only.

Having just launched the third and newest phase: Likweti Views, residents can look forward to breath-taking overhead views of the Lowveld bushveld. The 50, 1Ha stands that are on offer are located mostly on the southern side of the Estate and because of the topography of the area each stand has a uniquely beautiful view.

Stands on the most southern point of the Estate are so highly elevated that residents will not only be spoiled with “a bird’s eye view”, but they can also look forward to sightings of local raptors flying high above the estate.

Soaring birds like the crowned-and-fish eagles who nest in the area use the uplifting warm air thermals to soar for long periods of time without using a lot of energy. Because of the altitude of these stands, residents are likely to spot the majestic prey birds soaring in the Lowveld sky.

African crowned eagle

Please contact us for more information on 1Ha stands on offer at Likweti Views.

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