10 Things to consider when building a new house

There are so many things to consider when deciding to build a new home, one can very easily become overwhelmed and overlook small but important details. At Likweti Estate, we’ve got many new homes on the go. Bruce Mackay, owner of Mackay Project Management has built more than 10 homes at Likweti in the past couple of years. We spoke to this experienced building contractor about important things to consider before starting to build your new home:

1. Stand Position
Choose your stand position, direction and aspect carefully. Particularly in the Lowveld, one should take into account the direction of the sun in both Summer and Winter. Remember that South facing rooms will be cooler and any rooms or windows facing West will receive intense afternoon sun and should be avoided where possible.

2. House Design
The design of your house must suit the stand you have chosen, and not be designed for another stand. If there is an existing house design that you love, make sure that it will work on the stand you have chosen. Preferably, start your design from scratch according to your stand.

3. Lifestyle
The design of your home should incorporate all aspects of home life that are important to you and your family. Think carefully about how you envisage your family living and your lifestyle. Make sure your architect has a good understanding of this so that the design of the home will flow naturally into your lifestyle habits.

4. Size
The size of your house must suit both your requirements in terms of space and budget. This can sometimes be very challenging to get right as it is not always easy to understand the concept of space to reality. Your architect will be the person to address this concern professionally.

5. Contractor
Choosing your building contractor should not just be based on costs alone, it is vital to consider quality and reputation first, it will save you in the long run .

6. Responsibilities
The exact relationship with your builder or contractor must be accurately pre-determined so that all parties know where responsibility lies.

7. Changes
At every instance where changes are made to the original plan, the change in costs, whether and increase or a decrease should be agreed upon and renegotiated before further progress is made.

8. Communication
Meet or communicate with your builder on a regular basis. Regular communication is import to avoid misunderstandings with both parties.

9. All inclusive
Never leave any costs to be finalized after the construction has been completed, this hardly ever meets your or the builders expectations. Make sure that your quote is an all inclusive costing for everything that you have in mind including pools, decks, additional parking space, walls etc. Signing a building contract with stage payments is recommended.

10. Respect
It can take anywhere from six months to more than a year to build a home. Keep in mind that you will be working alongside your builder for a while, therefore it is important to maintain a respectful and honest relationship with your builder as there is often a need to adjust, add and modify your house.

To contact Mackay Project Management, call Bruce on 082 778 8389.

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