View Point Reservations

Likweti bushveld farm estate homeowners

exclusive booking system

Due to the increasing popularity of the view points, sundowner spots and picnic sites we have created a booking system for the most popular locations. (More locations may be added in the future)

Residents have the option to reserve the following time slots:

Morning: from 05:30 to 10:30
Midday: from 10:30 to 15:30
Evening: from 15:30 to 20:30

Select one of the following locations to make a booking

Sunset Rock

Ujabule Lookout

Red Duiker Picnic Site

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frequently asked questions

What if we want to cancel or reschedule our booking?

Please see the confirmation email that you received after making the booking. At the bottom of this email you can cancel or reschedule your booking.

What is the Fair Usage Policy?

Just be considerate. If estate management notices that you’re booking it too frequently then they may ask you to give others a chance too.

How do we see if a time slot is already booked?

When you view the booking system you can see the available time slots for each day. If a time slot is not showing then it has already been booked.

Please note that you can’t book a time slot after that time slot has begun so if you view the morning slot after 5.30am then this will be shown as unavailable for booking.

What if a non-resident finds this website page?

When making a booking you need to submit your name and email address. These bookings are being monitored so any non-residents who try to book will be canceled.

If this becomes an issue then we do have the option of adding a security layer to this section of the website whereby residents are given unique login details. However, to keep it simple we would prefer to avoid that unless absolutely necessary.

Can I book an entire day or lunch + sunset slots?

Yes you can do so by booking the consecutive slots. However please do keep the fair-usage policy in mind and be considerate to others.

If there's a booked slot, can I see who has made that booking?

It’s not possible for you to view this on the booking system however if you ask Warrick then he will be monitoring the bookings and can let you know.

What if you have reserved a time slot and someone else is there when you arrive?

The person who has reserved the location will have the option to either share or to ask the others to leave based on this fair booking system which operates on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What if we want to do a last minute spontaneous sundowner? Can we just go?

Yes of course but please try checking this booking system before 15:30 in the afternoon so that you can see if someone else has booked.

And if you arrive there to find someone else who has indeed booked then they do have first claim.

Sunset Rock is big enough for more than one group. Can't we share?

If you have booked then it is your choice as to whether you share or not.
If you arrive to find someone else who has reserved the location then it’s their choice.
Please respect this fair booking procedure and others privacy by joining them without their permission.

How far in advance can we make a booking

This system works on a 60 day calendar so you can book as far as 60 days into the future from any given date.