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Likweti sunrise



The meaning of Likweti

Mpumalanga is often referred to as the place of the rising sun and is well known for its incredible sunrises! Some might say that there is nothing more inspiring in the world than those few moments before the sun rises ... Read More
March 14, 2018admin


Nothing stimulates the senses quite like nature. Whether it is the feel of textured bark, the smell of freshly cut grass, or the vivid colours of meadow flowers, nature has its own special way of making your feel alive. But why leave it all behind when you go ... Read More
May 17, 2016admin
Hot Air Balloon


Whether you call it one or not, most of us have a ‘bucket list’ of some sort! A tick list of dreams, goals or ambitions we would like to accomplish in our lifetime. Some involve journeys to far off lands, others involve learning a new skill or ... Read More
April 21, 2016admin
Scenic Drive Mpumalanga


While it may be hard to take yourself away from Likweti and all that the 765 hectare Estate has to offer. Its prime setting in the heart of Mpumalanga’s Lowveld makes Likweti Estate the ideal location from which to explore the province. Here are five of the ... Read More
April 8, 2016admin


Most people around the world are familiar with the coveted Big 5 of Africa. So glamorous are these majestic creatures that even trips to Kruger National Park are often scored out of five based on which of the big five were spotted. Well it’s time for Simba and his friends ... Read More
November 24, 2014admin
Family time at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate


Outdoor adventures and quality time spent together in nature are the things memories are made of. The excitement of growing up amongst the animals and plants of the Lowveld as they occur in their natural environment is something every child will fondly remember. Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate is ... Read More
November 21, 2014admin
African Crowned Eagle


An African Crowned Eagle breeding pair have successfully hatched a chick at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate in October this year (2014). African Crowned Eagle is the most powerful eagle in Africa. It weighs in at about 4kg but is capable of killing prey of up to 20kg.  Favourite prey ... Read More
November 7, 2014admin
Macadamia Planting at Likweti


Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate is excited to announce its innovative new concept in estate management that will alleviate the burden of high levies on owners and tenants of the newly founded estate. Living in an environmental sensitive estate has many advantages. Apart from having the spoil of ... Read More
October 23, 2014admin
New house for sale at Likweti



The house dreams are made of

One lucky family will soon be able to enjoy living their dream in ultimate luxury on a magnificent hill that overlooks the natural beauty of Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate. The best part is, it could be your family. The 400 square metre dream house is nearing completion and all it needs ... Read More
October 10, 2014admin
Heritage Day


Heritage Day falls on a Wednesday this year (2014) and is a South African public holiday that celebrates our country’s diversity, shared cultures and everything that makes us unique. Not only do we get to enjoy a day off work or school, but we get a day to ... Read More
September 18, 2014admin