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Why I chose Likweti Estate

Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate, there is no place I would rather call home. It’s a wildlife estate just outside of White River, close to the KMIA (Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport). Located on arguably one of the most beautiful pieces of Lowveld land, from the moment I set foot ... Read More
June 10, 2020admin
Likweti Lifestyle


Over the past few weeks, we’ve come to realize now more than ever that the value of a lifestyle where space, tranquillity and nature are at the forefront of daily life is worth so much more than the conveniences of urban necessities such as living close to the ... Read More
April 4, 2020admin
Likweti Estate front entrance


There are few places in South Africa that offer such unique elements of un-spoilt nature and wildlife in one convenient and scenic location. This breath-taking environment offers a serene escape that will have you in awe of the wonder of nature. Now imagine experiencing this every day, ... Read More
January 24, 2020admin
Likweti Lifestyle


Hike up a hill, explore the bushveld, climb a tree, breathe the wild air or gaze at the stars! These are just some of the fun activities residents at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate get to experience by simply stepping out of their front door. Life at Likweti Estate is all about ... Read More
September 20, 2017admin
Pro Life Pet Rescue Rehabilitation & Adoption Agency


Looking for things to do in the Lowveld with your family? At Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate, we're all about family. Here's a few our suggestions: 1. A Day in the Sun Riverside Park not only offers some of the best shopping and dining destinations but is also home to the amazing Mafunyane ... Read More
June 10, 2017admin
Live at Likweti Estate


Located on the Curlews Road, just a short drive from White River, Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate is a unique residential property set within 765 hectares of natural Bushveld. One of the most beautiful areas in the Lowveld,  Likweti Estate offers residents the best of both worlds: the ... Read More
June 24, 2016admin


Winter brings the urge for snuggling up in a blanket, while sipping on a warm drink and toasting your toes by the fire. Oh yes! This is undeniably one great way of spending a winter’s day at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate, but as the average winter day ... Read More
June 10, 2016admin


Whether you walk or drive through Likweti Estate, what you’ll see is simply picture perfect! From panoramic views of ... Read More
June 7, 2016admin
Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate


The Lowveld truly has one of the best climates in the country and is as close to an endless summer as you will ever get. Hot summer days are perfect for fun around the pool or leisure reading under a tree while winters are mild and very tolerable.... Read More
March 6, 2015admin
Vegetable Garden Lowveld


Many people dream of growing their own vegetables but very often just don’t know how to get started. Here are some tips that will help you get some fresh, home-grown vegetables on your table. Get it off the ground To get ... Read More
February 17, 2015admin
Simple ways to be green


Whether you deal with load shedding on a daily basis in South Africa or you just aim to be a little more green, here are some easy ways to minimize your carbon footprint, and in effect, save energy.... Read More
February 5, 2015admin
6 Reasons to live at Likweti


1. It just feels right Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate is an eco-sensitive estate that takes pride in preserving the natural environment. The 765 hectares of land that is home to Likweti Bushveld Farm ... Read More
January 26, 2015admin
Likweti Giraffe


This past year has been a big one in the books for Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate and apart from securing avid buyers for just about 50% of the available properties, there have been many other achievements we are proud of. Our modern 400 sq m show house is just about complete ... Read More
December 12, 2014admin