What do you know about LBJ’s ?

What do you know about LBJ’s ?

This just in from Peter Lawson  ….

CroakingCisticolas are a large family of little brown jobs (LBJs), difficult to identify for some people and thus not very popular. I feel different about them though and they are my favourite group of birds. One reason for this is that they are great indicators of the environment.

Cisticolas are very habitat specific and do not venture away from their favoured habitat, thus in an area the size of the Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate – one would normally expect no more than three, perhaps four, species to be present. Exciting indeed that on Likweti I have discovered no less than seven Cisticola species. That tells one that the habitat variation on the Estate is enormous and that makes the property attractive to other bird groups too and also to humans as it is particularly scenic.

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