Remarkable Likweti trees

Remarkable Likweti trees

Dyk Zeeman, a Tertiary Dendrologist of Mpumalanga, was approached to verify the indigenous tree species, which was listed on a previous EIA. Zeeman has been a serious tree lover for the past 30 years and resides in Witbank, Mpumalanga.

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“There are remarkable examples of indigenous species on the farm. I spotted an Ochna natalitia (Natal Plane) (Natalrooihout), covered with yellow flowers and, which I was very surprised to find on Likweti! I also recognised a rare species, and what a magnificent specimen – a Karomia speciosa (Wild Parasol Flower or Mauve Chinese-hats) (Wildeparasolblom or Perssambreelblom)”.

Zeeman explained that his best “treasure was a Coddia rudis (Small Bone-apple) (Kleinbeenappel). It was a first for me!”

“I did the survey in December and saw the most beautiful specimens at their best:  A Peltophorum africanum (Weeping Wattle) (Huilboom) covered in beautiful yellow flowers.  There was also a gigantic Breonadia salicina (Matumi) (Mingerhout) next to the White River, which flows through the farm. I have never such a marvellous specimen.”

A total of 109 indigenous species were identified, with a further 12 exotics.

Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate has subsequently since Zeeman’s visit marked 198 trees.

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