Red-Chested Flufftail

Red-Chested Flufftail

Red-chested Flufftail - Navarre de VilliersDecember has been somewhat wet and this has had the effect of creating marshy conditions in a number of areas around Likweti –  just perfect for Red-chested Flufftails.

These are tiny, chicken-like birds that frequent marshy places with thick sedges and reed cover. They remain hidden and are very difficult to see and are thus sought-after by most keen birders. They can be detected by their sustained hooting call  “wooop. wooop…….”    that continues for long periods, particularly in overcast conditions. This special little bird was heard calling from the edge of more than one dam with emergent vegetation on the fringe on 18 December and is a good bird to have on the Likweti Bird List.

Peter Lawson


(Photo courtesy Navarre de Villiers)

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