Likweti’s own little Easter bunny

Likweti’s own little Easter bunny

Scrub Hare

Scrub Hare – Photo by Arno Meintjes

With Easter weekend just around the corner shops are filled with Easter eggs and furry little Easter bunnies. Here at Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate we have our own resident bunny that goes by the name of scrub hare.

The scrub hare (Lepus saxatilis) has a soft grizzled-grey coloured coat with a soft white belly. He has long ears which make for excellent hearing and usually scurries off in the darkness before you ever knew he was there.

The easiest way to spot him is if you should notice the reflection of his eyes in torch light at night or if you accidentally surprise him with your car on the road. The scrub hare is known for running zigzags in front of car lights and it is believed that he does this because his own shadow scares him. If you do encounter one please slow down and dim your lights to give a chance to make his way out of the road.

Scrub hares mainly eat short green grass and are sometimes spotted grazing alone on lawns. During the day they nap in burrows while waiting for night time so they can go sneak around unnoticed in the dark.

Scrub hare numbers have decreased in recent years which are largely due to habitat destruction and segmentation by agriculture. At Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate however we have a healthy population that enjoy the large property where they are free to roam as they please.


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