“Likweti birding is fabulous to say the least!” – Peter Lawson

“Likweti birding is fabulous to say the least!” – Peter Lawson

Peter Lawson visited Likweti on 12 February just after sunrise to spend a full day and night adding to our growing bird list.

Normally stopping  just inside Main Gate one will hear birds actively calling in all directions almost immediately. However, on this occasion the staff were cutting and clearing the road verge so Peter moved further up the road towards the Lodge and pulled off on a side track at the first dam on the left of the road.

In great need of a steaming  mug of coffee –  and as many good birders will tell you this is the way to start your morning birding –  started watching and listening to the bird activity around him.   Adjoining this dam there is a granite outcrop and a pair of Mocking Cliff-Chats were voicing their opinion from the top of a large boulder.  A new bird addition for our list and one he had been expecting, but had not listed until this occasion.

Mocking Cliff-Chat Female

Says Peter  “Birds were calling and flitting around in all directions and it was difficult holding a mug of coffee and binoculars simultaneously. It was so exciting and by the time my coffee mug was empty ………I had listed 40 bird species! This was within just a half hour of stopping. Likweti birding is fabulous to say the least!”

Pic : Jacques de Villiers

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