Let nature be your inspiration this Christmas

Let nature be your inspiration this Christmas

Living in the Lowveld means we are surrounded by nature. Whether it is the misty mountains, rolling grasslands or wild bushveld, nature is an integral part of the ‘Lowveld Lifestyle’. So why not let nature be the inspiration for your Christmas theme too! Here are five ways you can be inspired by nature this Christmas.

Christmas#1) Plant a tree this year instead of wrapping gifts in one

Gift bags and fabric are great wrapping substitutes as they can be reused or worn. If you are using wrapping paper swap the ribbon for a sprig of berries and recycle it afterwards.

Better still, rather than having a tree pulped to paper in order to wrap your gifts, why not plant a tree as your gift to our planet?

#2) Make your own uniquely individual Christmas tree

Instead of buying a traditional tree this Christmas, why not make your own unique tree? An interesting branch, or even a collection of sticks makes a simple and effective alternative tree. Spray paint it, leave it natural, plant it in a festive pot or hang it from the ceiling, it is completely up to you. Then decorate to your hearts content before sitting back and enjoying your beautiful creation.

#3) Swap the tinsel and baubles for some natural bling

Seed pods, pine cones, and even rocks and pebbles can all be reinvented into fabulous Christmas decorations. Whether you paint them, bling them with glitter and rhinestones or simply allow their natural beauty to shine, natural decorations are a great way of keeping the costs of Christmas down.

#4) Give a nature inspired gift

There are loads of fabulous environmental conscious gifts that benefit the planet while bringing a smile to your loved ones at the same time. Whether it is getting back to nature on an adventure based outdoor trip, planting an endemic species, buying naturally made sustainable goods, or simply making a donation to a conservation charity on their behalf.

#5) A natural table

How about swapping your Christmas crackers and shop brought centre pieces for natural arrangements and pebble place cards? Beautiful centre piece arrangements can easily be made from flowers, leaves, berries, twigs and even interesting pebbles and bark found in our gardens.  Let your creativity flow, get the whole family involved and see just how festive your Christmas table will look this year!

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