Late Migrants at Likweti

Late Migrants at Likweti

By April most migrant birds have left South Africa to spend their summer in warmer climates, but this year a number of species appear to be delaying their departure for reasons unknown to us.

Around 7 April at Likweti there were still large numbers of European Bee-eaters and Barn Swallows……. also a few White-rumped Swifts and Violet-backed Starlings.  Peter reports however that after visiting mid month he was very surprised to see that there were still some European Bee-eaters as well as two migrant species that evaded his earlier list –  these were the very beautiful African Paradise-Flycatcher in a few areas and two Lesser Striped Swallows at the river. Are these birds telling us something about climate change?  They could be.

Pics:  Navarre de Villers

Barn-Swallow-200x300 African-Paradise-Flycatcher-199x300 European-Bee-eater-212x300


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