Have you seen me before?

Have you seen me before?

While birdwatching on Likweti shortly before dusk recently, Peter Lawson noted a bird in silhouette on a power line. By the size and shape he assumed it to be just a common Red-eyed Dove as they like to perch on power lines.

Being a curious birder and through and many years of birding – decided to make certain and view the bird more closely.


To his delight he was looking at a full frontal Eurasian Hobby, complete with rufous ‘underpants’.  What a surprise and a totally new bird for the Likweti list.

The black hood and densely streaked front of this migrant falcon from Asia and Europe were prominently displayed through his binoculars.  Says Peter  “It is a scarce bird in this area, but most welcome sighting on Likweti.”

Pic:  Navarre de Villiers


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