Give your kids an unforgettable childhood

Give your kids an unforgettable childhood

The days of untroubled childhood should not be the stuff of distant memory. Modern social decline often robs children of the freedom their parents talk about. Crime and immorality have stolen much of the joys of being a child. Families have huddled together in security complexes, with burglar bars, safety gates and access controls. While this keeps our precious kids safe, it also prevents them from experiencing the joys of roaming the neighbourhood in search of adventure and new friendships. Sadly, the sound of children’s laughter has been replaced by that of sirens, motorways and noisy neighbours.

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Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate offers you a welcome reprieve. Here you will watch your children grow up in a happy, safe and care free environment. As a parent, there can be no greater peace of mind than knowing your children are both safe, and free to learn through exploration rather than their smartphone. The chorus of children’s laughter coming from your backyard adds a cheerful soundtrack to the breath-taking bushveld beauty that surrounds your home. This is unmatched quality of life – attainable nowhere else but in the wide open spaces of Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate.

Life on the estate embodies absolute contentment. Not only will your family be safe, they will have the room to grow, to explore and build happy memories that will last a lifetime.

So, if you would like to offer kids the video game free, barefoot adventure filled childhood you enjoyed, take action now and contact us to arrange a property viewing today.

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