5 Ways to bring nature into your home

5 Ways to bring nature into your home

Nothing stimulates the senses quite like nature. Whether it is the feel of textured bark, the smell of freshly cut grass, or the vivid colours of meadow flowers, nature has its own special way of making your feel alive. But why leave it all behind when you go indoors? There are so many innovative ways of bringing nature into your home and allowing it to stimulate your senses around the clock!

#1 – Add a natural element to your interior design.
One of the simplest ways to bring ‘the outside inside’ is to just add natural design elements to each room. Natural textures, materials, colours or statement objects can all bring an outdoor feel to internal spaces. The best bit is it can suite any design scheme. So whether it is a drift wood mirror for that laid back beach house feel, or a rich sandstone fire surround for an opulent interior. Bringing ‘the outside inside’ has never been easier.

#2 – Make a living bathmat
Sick of stepping onto cold tiles or worse still an old soggy towel? A living bathmat is not just a fashionable addition to any home. It is also a functional one. It uses moss which can withstand being stepped on and the steam from the shower and the moisture from your feet to grow.

#3 – Stay fresh with a kitchen herb garden.
Fresh herbs transform even the most mundane of dishes into a culinary delight. But how many of us have the right combination of herbs in the fridge when we need them? A kitchen herb garden can change all this and it brings a splash of colour to any kitchen. Mounted in jars, pots or planters on the wall, they can almost be classified as art and will keep your kitchen smelling great. It’s a win, win all round.

#4 – Memory stones, rocks and pebbles.
This is one of the most delightful ways of making striking centerpieces that hold precious memories. Rocks are found almost everywhere we go and yet no two are identical. So why not start a collection, adding a new rock from every destination you visit. You will quickly create an eye-catching coffee table display, where every rock has its own story.

#5 – Create a table top garden.
Rather than spending hundreds of rand on fresh flowers when you have a dinner party, only to throw them away days later when they wilt. Why not make a living display, bring nature into your home in a more permanent fashion. Simply by using a striking extra-large glass vase filled with a mix of lush green succulents, add herbs like lavender for a splash of colour and fragrance, then throw in a few pebbles and you will have created a beautiful centerpiece that will last forever!

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