And so the end of a wonderful day and “hu-whoooooo” to you too!

And so the end of a wonderful day and “hu-whoooooo” to you too!


Just as the sun was sinking Peter  parked on a gravel track  hoping to hear some nocturnal birds for the ever growing bird list. It was a beautiful evening with the sun setting  over a very scenic area.  Just as the last rays of sunlight fell on a granite outcrop,  a rich and varied series of melodious notes rang loudly from the rocky outcrop. It was a Striped Pipit, a new bird for the list !

Striped Pipit

As the Pipit became quiet,  the still air was broken by the mellow hoot of a Spotted Eagle-Owl, hu whoooooo, rising and falling in pitch.  adding another new bird for the growing list. Then, almost simultaneously a Fiery-necked Nightjar began uttering its evening prayer, good lord deliver us. Three new birds in just a few minutes – what a way to end the day.

But – there was still more to come though….. and as Peter drove very slowly back  to Hlatini he came across a nightjar on the gravel track. It was perched broadside on to him and showed clearly in the headlights. Looking thru his binoculars Peter  had a hunch he was viewing something marginally out of range as well, and on closer inspection was looking straight at a European Nightjar – a really  stunning sighting at very close range in his bright headlights.

A little further on in dense woodland Peter stopped to listen and low and behold an African Wood-Owl was questioning  who who, who who who-are-you.  It had been a long and incredible day of birding and to end it this way was definitely  ‘the cherry on the top’ said Peter.

Pic:  Jacques de Villiers

Spotted Eagle-Owl







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