A winter’s morning at Likweti

A winter’s morning at Likweti

At the beginning of the month Peter Lawson was at Likweti early one morning.  With not a single cloud in the sky, hardly any breeze and a fresh 12 degrees temperature – this was indeed a winter morning that needed to be shared, but sadly he was alone in a wonderful landscape bathed in soft morning light. This was Likweti  at its best !

Bar-throated Apalis IMG_9653

Whilst stopping next to a dam with a steaming mug of hot coffee, a Natal Spurfowl was uttering its raucous call and a pair of African Black Ducks came flying in to land on the calm water in front of him.  At least a dozen Wire-tailed Swallows were engaged in aerobatics over the water and Black-collared Barbets were loudly announcing the morning in duet from the acacia trees on the shoreline. A small raptor took off from some more distant trees and flew towards Peter, landing nearby. After identifying a Lizard Buzzard with his binoculars, suddenly a flock of Helmeted Guineafowl started their staccato cackling in alarm as well.



Not to be outdone some brightly coloured White-fronted Bee-eaters were glinting in the sunlight as they periodically took off from their perch next to the water to catch flying insects, and some Brimstone Canaries drew his attention with harsh chirrups and chirrs.  From the nearby woodland a Bar-throated Apalis announced the morning with a rapid pleet-pleet-pleet…, and a Black-headed Oriole called loudly with a liquid kleeu. In the distance Cape Turtle-Doves were already telling someone to work-harder,work-harder, and then a rich series of loud, melodious notes came from a granite outcrop behind the dam. This really made Peter’s day as it was a Striped Pipit proclaiming the lovely morning, and how right he was.

Brimstone Canary

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