A Spring Time Challenge for your family

A Spring Time Challenge for your family

It’s time to throw off the winter blankets and embrace springtime in the Lowveld and all the wonders it brings with it! From the flush of new life that follows those first real rains, to the arrival of summer migrants and reptiles waking from their slumber.

How best to celebrate the arrival of spring? With a springtime challenge!

Spring Time Chaallenge

A challenge that will keep the kids entertained and gives the whole family something to bond over while providing all the benefits of being outdoors. All you will need for this springtime challenge is a matchbox, our list below and a keen eye because it’s a treasure hunt.

Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate provides the perfect hunting ground for those lucky enough to live there, but anywhere in the Lowveld will do. The only catch is that everything you collect must fit inside the matchbox.

It up to you to work out how long the challenge should last – a day, a weekend or the whole of spring!

When you have completed the challenge, what next? Write the name of where the treasure hunt took place on a piece of paper along with the date and take a photo of your treasures laid out around it. For those eager to improve their natural knowledge, try identifying your treasures too.

So here is what you need to find:

#1: Three different leaves – one straight, one jagged and one with multiple tiny leaves on a single stem.

#2: An orange flower, a pink flower and a white flower.

#3: A piece of a spider’s web.

#4: A smooth pebble.

#5: A piece of quartz (any colour).

#6:  Something spikey.

#7: Bark from two different trees, taken from fallen branches.

#8: A shell of any kind.

#9: Three different seeds.

#10: A pinch of earth.

Sounds simple, but it’s more challenging than it might appear. Remember, you can always add to this list if you are looking for more of a challenge. Good luck and enjoy being out and about in nature with your family!

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