5 Things great wildlife estates have in common

5 Things great wildlife estates have in common

What makes a wildlife estate great? What makes one wildlife estate better than another. Here are 5 things that great wildlife estates have in common…

Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate

#1) Spectacular views

When it comes to what separates a nice wildlife estate from a great one, spectacular views are first on the list.

At Likweti Bushveld Farm Estate impressive views come at you from every angle. Whether it’s 360 degree panoramic views of pristine bushveld from the koppie in the centre of the Estate, or the gorgeous sight of the Nelspruit city lights at night, Likweti Estate is awash with majestic vistas and incredible settings.

#2) Space for the whole family to enjoy

Wonderful views are great, but only if they are accompanied with enough space to enjoy them.

With over 765 hectares of bushveld to enjoy, including impressive mountain bike trails, trail running routes, dams and countless picnic spots, Likweti has space in abundance. You’ll have somewhere new to explore everyday. So whether you’re a fitness fanatic or simply love being surrounded by nature, Likweti is a Wildlife Estate the whole family will adore.

#3) Homes that seamlessly merge into the surroundings

The quickest way to ruin a wildlife estate is with unrestricted development. Likweti’s building regulations have been put in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. Instead they provide a blue print for home owners to build their dream house, while ensuring it’s in keeping with the natural setting and a shared vision. As a result, the homes at Likweti fit seamlessly with their surroundings and only add to the beauty of the estate.

#4) Access to all the modern day conveniences

While a great wildlife estate should leave you feeling like you’re in the middle of nowhere, in reality we all like to be within close reach of schools, doctors and shops.

Likweti perfectly manages to mix the sensation of secluded living with the practicality of having everything on your doorstep. Situated in the heart of the Lowveld triangle, between Nelspruit, White River and Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, Likweti Estate is only a short drive from two of the best private schools in Mpumalanga and three private hospitals. With a wealth of shopping malls, restaurants and services just around the corner, Likweti really does offer the best of both worlds.

#5) and of course, the show stopping wildlife!

Wildlife is truly at the heart of Likweti Estate, whether it’s the small herds of roaming giraffe and antelope that makes every trip out to the shops a game drive, or the abundant birdlife that will keep even the most avid bird watcher on his or her toes. Likweti is a natural oasis that will stimulate all your senses.

Let the smell of summer rain and the floral bouquets of Likweti’s rich array of tree and plant species waft over you, enjoy the soothing sounds of crickets and cicada’s and the bright plumages of Likweti’s countless bird species. Touch the tracks left behind by Likweti’s creatures of the night and let nature be your daily inspiration.

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