10 Simple ways to live a greener life

10 Simple ways to live a greener life

Whether you deal with load shedding on a daily basis in South Africa or you just aim to be a little more green, here are some easy ways to minimize your carbon footprint, and in effect, save energy.

  1. Simple ways to be greenSpend time outside

    We all have our opinions about greenies and saving the planet but when you get out there you will remember what it is we are trying to save here. Make some time to get out of the city and take in some good old nature.

  2. Change your light

    If you are a bit slow on the uptake, now is the time to finally dump those last few tungsten globes (the old round ones). Replace them with halogen or florescent energy efficient globes to get the same amount of light at a quarter of the energy cost.

  3. Shower together

    Apart from saving water, showering together with your better half once a week could also put some spark back in your relationship. Or if this is definitely not for you, taking quick showers alone instead of a bath can be great saver.

  4. Plant a tree

    Trees are being destroyed every single day and efforts to counter the effect are few and far between. Take some time to find the suitable indigenous tree for that open spot in the garden and plant it sooner rather than later. You’d be surprised to find out how fulfilling it is to watch it grow.

  5. Stop paper statements

    Some of your statements arrive via post (or don’t arrive via post) while others are mailed to you electronically. Take the time to set up some folders in your mailbox to manage them and let all your service providers know that you prefer electronic mail. Not only will this save paper but it will also help you with being more organised. Just remember to back up every now and then!

  6. Recharge

    Batteries are here to stay and you’d be surprised how many of them are in your house. In your TV remotes, kids’ toys, cameras, flash lights etc. Rechargeable batteries cost about double what normal ones cost. They last just as long and can be recharged hundreds of times. No matter how you calculate, recharging is the way to go.

  1. Start a green hobby

    Why not use that little empty corner of the yard to start making compost, build a worm farm or grow your own vegetables?

  2. Brand new second-hand

    Before running off to the shops to buy an appliance or furniture, check online what is available for sale. Very often you can find lightly used goods at a fraction of the price of new ones. Also sell your unused things online at affordable prices instead of storing it for in case, maybe or one day.

  3. Buy energy rated appliances

    If it is time for a new fridge or freezer make sure that it has at least an A+ or better energy efficient rating. It might set you back a bit more but you will get that back on power usage savings. It will also be easier to run on renewable energy like solar.

  4. Something’s fishy

    When it comes to sustainable menu options, not all fish are equal. Download the Sassi (South Africa Sustainable Seafood Initiative) app on Play Store or App Store and check before you order. If there is no demand for rare and endangered fish, they won’t be caught.


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