10 Reasons to be proudly South African on Heritage Day

10 Reasons to be proudly South African on Heritage Day

The 24th of September marks Heritage Day, a day where we celebrate the diverse cultures that make up our ‘Rainbow Nation’ and make South Africa such a unique place to live.

Here are our top ten reasons why South Africa stands out:

South Africa

#1) Our Flag – Not only does it symbolise unity and South Africa as a ‘Rainbow Nation’. It is also one of the few Africa flags that don’t have a sword, AK-47, spear, panga or any other weapon on it, which is something to be proud of!

#2) A Multilingual Nation – What other country has 11 official languages, a national anthem sung in 4 different languages and a government insistent on introducing Mandarin as a choice in schools?

#3) Nando’s Ads – Come on, everyone loves these! OK they are only aired for a few hours before being pulled, but you know each one will shock you a little more and make you laugh a little harder. Nando’s we salute you.

#4) Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters – Love him or hate him you have to admit his addition to parliament has spiced up the debates. You notice how no one is sleeping now?! Plus, where else in the world would you get to say, “What the Eff…” about a political party”.

#5) Biltong – Quite possibly the most versatile snack on the planet! Loved by everyone, stored well it will last forever and only the best biltong is found in South Africa. OK the Americans have Jerky, but if you have ever tried that you know it doesn’t even come close.

#6) The World Loves Us – It doesn’t matter which sport it is, no one likes the English, everyone hates the Aussies and let’s not get started on America. But when you ask anyone what team they would support if it wasn’t their own, they all say South Africa. Go Bokke, go Proteas, go Bafana Bafana – the country and the world is behind you!

#7) South African Vocabulary – Let’s face it robots, lekker, braai and howzit sound miles better than traffic lights, nice, BBQ and how do you do!

#8) Street Sellers – It doesn’t matter what you need, there will be someone, somewhere selling it on the street.

#9) Bakuzzi’s – Whoever came up with the concept of a jacuzzi in the back of a bakkie deserves a medal. It’s further proof that there really is nothing a Toyota Hilux cant do!

#10) Springbokkies – Not the 2015 Rugby World Cup winning team or the cute antelope. We are talking about the green and beige shooter. The drink that shouldn’t work, as who in their right mind would mix Crème de Menthe with Amarula Cream right? But wow… once you have had one, you just keep going back for more!

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